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Event Planning Tips


First thing in planning an event, is to understand the nature of the kind of event you are planning. i.e if its a concert or a party, or a seminar, workshop product launch etc. Events that are non-profit oriented hardly requires alot of planning time, but for profit oriented events or other wise paid events such as concerts, comedy shows etc, there are two basic plans you need to draw out

  1. Marketing Plan
  2. Sales Plan

People often misake marketing plan for sales plan, in that when you have a good marketing strategy, it translates into sales, but trust me. Marketing and sales are two different ball games. If you notice most big comapnies/multi-nationals usually have a marketing department and sales department. This is because although they may have one end goal, but their mission are different.

Generally for the success of any event you are planning, it is important to take this key guide;

  1. Have a jotter where you have your daily plans and targets filled a day to the subject day
  2. Any idea that flies into your head must be written down, therefore always carry your jotter with you anywhere you go
  3. Have a well structured team, and carry everyone on your team along
  4. If you are the Team-lead, ensure good welfare of your team especially at meetings and keep to time (little things like this have psychological effects on team performance)
  5. Be open to views of your team members
  6. If you are working for a client, always notify him/her on progress of the project
  7. If you are religious, be Prayerful!